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Portfolio of our services

Human resources – training, consulting

  • professional education in various training areas set by the needs of target group
  • assessment centre
  • development centre
Job market and equal opportunities
  • support of equal opportunities of women and men
  • active aging
  • active citizenship
  • migration and integration
  • mobility
  • social inclusion and unemployment
  • lifelong education
  • society responsibility of companies

We are able to recommend a suitable candidate for your requested position. Mainly for specialist and managerial positions.

„Innovations & Strategies“

We believe innovation is the engine of change.We offer customized specialist creative workshops and consulting  to activate your innovation potential.


  • Communication abilities
  • Media and crisis communication
  • PR 

We offer services connected with company management and its development  focusing on increase of business effectiveness, decrease of costs and increase of productivity and quality.

We offer strategic and technical background for development of start-up projects and we help to launch them.
  • „Information technologies“
  • „Public administration“
  • „Small and medium size companies“


Information technologies

We offer complex portfolio of services in the area of information technologies 

  • IT courses and training
  • e-learning
  • specialist courses for professionals
  • certified courses
  • development of new platforms
  • implementation of modern IT approaches

Public administration

  • seminars for general public
  • broadening of qualification
  • training of state administration representatives and employees
  • education in the area of ethics
  • accredited training programmes
  • specialist consulting


Small and medium size businesses
We support entrepreneurs and managers in the area of strategy and company and project managements.